Bella Fitness – A club for everyone and everywhere!  Studio, business, school, condos, apartments and parks!

The mission of Bella Fitness is to bring more happiness and health to our local community through coaching, mentoring and training our clients how to be healthier and more fit while having a blast doing it! Here we strive to be inspirational and happy, and to have a warm and welcoming environment. We welcome people of all ethnicities, shapes and socioeconomic statuses…all to come together to have fun getting fit!

Why choose Bella Fitness? Because fitness and good nutrition truly change and improve the lives of both men and women everyday and for a lifetime. Too many people are burdened with obesity, overweight, muscle tightness and weakness, breathlessness, tiredness, poor sleep, and other preventable health issues that can be prevented and reversed. Bella Fitness is made up of a group of very dedicated Certified Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors, and Coaches with a variety of certifications, degrees, experiences, passions and specialties.

Bella Fitness is not your typical fitness gym or club. We have our beautiful studio in Glendale at 329 North Brand Blvd, and our many off-site “studios” – the homes, offices and parks of clients we travel to train. Many of our clients prefer us going to their homes or to their businesses and we go! We have a flat rate, so if the client lives locally and wants us to come to their home, we do not charge an additional fee for this service.

The success of our clients is paramount. In order to achieve this, we spend more time listening to our clients – what they like, don’t like, want and don’t want – than merely implementing an agenda upon them. We hold integrity, honesty and ethical standards in the highest regard for our clients. Our client retention is high because we develop strong, lasting relationships with them. We take our job as trainers very seriously, as well as the responsibility to help our clients reach their highest potential to progress towards their desired fitness levels and health and weight goals.

Trainers at Bella Fitness are certified by


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