Bella Fitness will give you the support and the tools needed to help you get into shape by focusing on your total health. From our first meeting with you, we’ll get to know your habits good and bad and give you suggestions on avoidance and modification.

By offering varied training methods, Bella Fitness can help you by developing a plan with exercises you’ll enjoy. Although we’re not militant, we do challenge our clients to help them reach their fitness goals.

We’ll schedule sessions that are convenient for you at our private studio in Glendale, a local park or your home or office.

Pilates, Yoga & Stretching

Used to improve flexibility and strength, these methods also help balance and posture. Bella Fitness instructors will closely monitor your progress with assisted stretching to prevent injuries.


Some of us love it! Some of us tolerate it. Some hate it! No matter what your view on cardiovascular activity it is key to a truly healthy body. Cardio is one of the key elements to weight loss and lean muscle mass. Our trainers will help you find the cardio activity that best matches your goals and body. If you have joint problems or previous sports injuries, our trainers will help direct you in what activity will fit you best.

Weight Loss

Losing weight does not have to be painful. As a matter of fact it can be fun! We will help you learn what needs to be done in order to lose weight and keep it off. We will help keep you on track with your food and exercise. Sometimes just having an accountability partner can make all the difference. Having a good personal trainer is very motivating for people and can help push you to a new level of achievement. Give our motivating trainers an opportunity to help you lose the weight.

Body Sculpting and Toning

Most of us have areas on our body we would love to change. Weightlifting and other forms of strength training can do wonders for your body image and confidence while building lean muscle mass and bone density. You can look the way you have always dreamed.

Weight Training

Not just for body builders, weight training promotes muscle and skeletal strength and is included in all of our training programs. It will also build bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis. We’ll begin at your current level and progress as your strength and endurance increases.

Personal Training

Bella Fitness works with you one-to-one to create a practical fitness plan, including basic nutritional counseling. Our supportive methods incorporate accountability that isn’t present in large health clubs. We’ll help you go beyond the plateaus that are so often a frustrating part of reaching your goals. Our trainers will teach you proper form and basic rules so you can have success. We provide assisted stretching and give you the individual help you need.

Semi Private- Group Training

Some of our clients prefer the camaraderie of training with their friends or co-workers. From semi-private groups up to 6 people and group classes up to 30 people, we can help you achieve your goals.

Partner with your company’s corporate wellness program to promote health for employees. Help you form your own Fit Club — get your friends together and split the cost, an affordable alternative to personal training. Lead community classes — we’ll train members of your organization or church — meet at a local park and exercise in the great outdoors


The benefits of fitness for seniors are numerous. With mobility, balance and flexibility in mind, Bella Fitness offers a custom course for seniors. We teach individuals as well as classes in senior centers and communities. Our trainers are certified by the Arthritis Foundation and are registered instructors for Silver Sneakers. The benefits of fitness for seniors are numerous.

We have had several clients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and in most cases have really done well with the exercise programming. We keep it light and fun. Not only is the client benefiting from the physical benefits of exercise but also enjoying the companionship they get with our trainers.

We focus on your safety by observation. Injuries can be caused by moving from one exercise to another too quickly, or movements can be done incorrectly. Bella Fitness instructors pay attention to your limitations and structure exercise programs around restrictions.

Our fitness trainers encourage and instill positive reinforcement to help all of our clients reach their potential.