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Bella Fitness works with you one-on-one to create an individualized fitness and wellness plan, including basic nutritional counseling and body composition testing. Our comprehensive and supportive methods will keep you accountable in a way that large health clubs simply don’t provide. We’ll help you get past those frustrating plateaus that so often stop you from reaching your goals, or we will safely guide you to maintain a healthy state of well-being.  Our trainers give you the structure you need to gain success no matter the goal.

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Personal training is offered at just $85.00 per session. Discounts may apply

Why You Should Hire a Bella Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

1) You know you need to exercise for immediate and long term health benefits, but you just can’t get yourself to keep it up or even start.
We provide the accountability and motivation you need to kickstart a new, healthy lifestyle or take your current level to a new one. Our Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) make it their top priority to get you to commit to your health and wellness – and they won’t let you slide on it. You can come to us or we can go to you.  Many of our clients have told us they would not be exercising if we weren’t at their door ready to train them. The best medicine is prevention, and the preventive benefits of regular exercise are known.  The only way to truly enjoy life is to be healthy and fit.

2) You’re not sure which exercises to do, or how to do them, and injury is a huge fear. Our trainers are certified by the best accreditation schools in the country – AFAA, ACE, ACSM and NASM to name a few. As such, they know which exercises will work best for each client individually as well as the proper techniques and the best way to teach them. We work with clients from as young as 8 years old to as old as 96.

3) “I don’t like going to gyms, waiting for machines, etc – and I want more privacy.” Great! Bella Fitness started purely as a mobile fitness company. We’ll drive to you so you can be trained in the comfort of your own home or in a nearby park. We can also provide private, personal training at our studio.

4) You’re plateauing and you need a new challenge and regimen.   Our CPTs stay abreast of the latest in health and fitness.  They also vary in their passions, interests and specialties. They make sure to be aware of all the new modes of training as well as all the new gadgets and equipment. We will find just the right person for you, who will always keep it fresh, fun, and effective.

5) Time and money are important to you. We are conscientious of that too – time is money and there is never enough of it, and money can be tight. That is why we make the best possible use of your time with us to get the most out of it. Our trainers will help you figure out your goals and build a plan that will help you attain them as efficiently as possible. They will do monthly body measurement check-ups to track your progress and make sure you are on track.  And, you will find our prices to be more affordable than our competition.

6) You want to lose weight and have fun doing it. We will never let it be boring, tedious, or annoying.  You will look forward to it! We love being creative and keeping things fresh, and enjoy nothing more than having a great time with our clients.


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