Metabolism Testing and Weight Loss

How many calories does your body burn? RMR

Have you ever wondered how many calories your body burns? Bella Fitness can help you find out. We are proud to announce we are now offering Korr ReeVue metabolic testing in our Glendale studio. Losing weight does not have to be painful! Korr BMR testing will get you a personalized diet blueprint to help you reach your goals and take the guess-work out. Korr ReeVue system is a 10 minute test that determines how many calories you burn at rest, based on the amount of oxygen you consume. This works because it takes a fixed amount of oxygen to burn a calorie. This method is the gold standard for determining calorie needs. From person to person, it takes a different amount of calories to lose, gain or maintain weight. Our trainers will help you learn what needs to be done in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Korr ReeVue Metabolism Testing

Click the link below to learn more about Korr Revue Metabolism testing based on personal RMR. Weight loss should be based on our own body. It shouldn’t be a guessing game. This test is only $100.00 Call/text Marina for your appointment: 626-497-3760

Weight Loss

We will help keep you on track with your food and exercise. Sometimes just having an accountability partner can make all the difference. Having a good personal trainer is very motivating and can help push you to a new level of achievement.

Bella fitness offers two types of testing to help you know where you are and help you reach your personal goals.

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  • Basic Fitness Evaluation & Fat Measurement – $30.00 (free with membership)
  • Metabolism Testing (see above) – $100.00 – full weight loss counseling session & body fat % measurement, BMI, muscle mass % testing.

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