I love what I do…I love seeing my clients reach their goals, be it losing weight or inches so that clothes don’t feel the same, or old clothes fit again; or spouses are happy because their loved one is improving in health and strength; or older clients are feeling half their age with renewed confidence and self-esteem, improved body composition and shape, muscle growth, balance, and energy; and ultimately, all my clients just feel better and happier as we work to exercise in ways they would not on their own…some would not even exercise if we did not meet, as they have told me. We work together to manage stress in life and talk out problems and worries too. I keep them accountable, and I keep them happy and healthy.

I take a complete approach to life, health and wellness for my clients and myself – sleep, rest and recovery are just as important as the training. Training is to be specific to each client, remaining challenging, safe and fun in order to promote health and improvement. Food and nutrition are of paramount importance too, and I make sure my clients are eating right and smart for their needs and wants. Ultimately, my job is to make sure my clients are taking care of themselves as best as possible and I do this by staying abreast of the latest research and information in health and wellness.

I have been involved in sports all my life. I love competition and sportsmanship and the challenges inherent to training, setting goals, reaching for those goals, the growth, the learning and, when achieved, the obtaining of goals and winning.

When I was living in Santa Barbara, attending UCSB, I took a greater interest in health and nutrition. I volunteered on an organic farm off and on for about 2 years and made a complete overhaul to my diet and nutrition. Everything started to click, health-wise and lifestyle-wise then. I continue to eat clean and healthfully, and I motivate my clients to do the same. I don’t skimp on the delicious and the tasty; I just don’t bother with the bad. It’s not worth it on several levels.

I hold a BA in Philosophy from UC Santa Barbara. I am a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have an article on health and nutrition published in the Santa Barbara Independent. I compete now in triathlons. Just this past year, I qualified for the U.S. National Championships for the Olympic distance in Burlington, VT. I have completed several half marathons. I have won Age Group and placed 3rd or higher in several 10k races. I finished Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3 in 2010 as well as the Malibu International marathon and the Solvang Century ride with my wife Donna.