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The benefits of fitness for seniors are numerous. With mobility, balance and flexibility in mind, Bella Fitness offers a custom course for seniors. We teach individuals as well as classes in senior centers and communities. Our trainers are certified by the Arthritis Foundation and are registered instructors for Silver Sneakers.

We have had several clients who suffer from Alzheimer’s, and in most cases they have really done well with our exercise programming. We keep it light and fun. Not only is the client benefiting from the physical benefits of exercise but also enjoying the companionship they get with our trainers.

We focus on safety by observation. Injuries can be caused by moving from one exercise to another too quickly, or movements can be done incorrectly. Bella Fitness instructors pay very close attention to personal limitations and structure exercise programs around restrictions.

Reasons Why Seniors Should Hire a Bella Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

  1. To remain independent and self-sufficient.
  2. To increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
  3. To prevent or minimize the effects of diabetes.
  4. To boost mood and have fun.
  5. To improve balance so as to prevent falls.
  6. To improve flexibility and functional movement.
  7. To improve cardiovascular strength.
  8. To increase metabolism and appetite.

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Personal training is offered at just $85.00 per session. Discounts may apply

Discounts are given on a case by case basis, and are also possible for seniors on a fixed income.